About us

Ca stands for Hemp, Pists for Pistachio.

The Magical Encounter of two products apparently so distant, linked by intoxating positive vibrations.

Capisti offers a selection of Hemp Light made for you directly in our fields. We Guarantee high quality inflorescences and we can help you, through our Cannabis Sommelier at home, in the choice of the product that most satisfies your tastes.
Your shopping experience will be dynamic, exciting and fun!

The Pistachio, in our case, can only be Of The Bronte D.O.P.
This and all the derivatives, which Capisti has decided to treat, are the expression of a patient and meticulous research, carried out among the best laboratories operating in the heart of Bronte. Our aim is to make known the essence of real Pistachio, offering handmade products obtained exclusively from the use of high quality raw materials.

From The blaze of green, deriving from the particular union between Hemp and Pistachio (and much more!) the Emotional Boxis born, the mix that will allow you to live a unique experience, of relaxation, fun and discovery.
We have designed various, each to offer you the novelty you seek, in the company of those who wish!

Capisti is our idea of well-being and positivity, and we love to transmit it through our products.

We Have chosen to offer you all this in the ideal time for you, Desideralo, we just click!

Thanks to the service of Home delivery (delivery to The Residence-Pisa) We will convert your curiosity in reality in a few moments!

What are you waiting for? Try The CaPisti products and get overwhelmed by The greenery!

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